Amounts to Claim for Slip and Fall Settlements

Slip and fall settlements average value are dependent on what you claimed in the suit.  Many people ask, can I sue my employer for a slip and fall injury settlement at work?  The answer is no, generally you cannot and the reason is because it does not fall under the responsibility of the employer directly.  It is a workers compensation settlement that needs to be filed with the state, but before you do that you need to consult or at least refer to a law team that deals with slip and fall settlements as specialties.

1.  Get a lawyer to review your case at no cost.

2.  Review the documentation you have, accident reports etc.

3. Make accurate records of medical bills and/or travel expenses.

Do you need to file an accident report at the time of the fall exactly? Think about this from the insurance companies point of view.  They make money by not spending more than they take in as revenue, so they want to help, that’s their job but they also don’t want to have to settle a slip and fall settlement if they don’t have to.  If you have an accident and do not file a report for several days or weeks it is going to look as though you are simply trying to get money for something.  On the other side, if you file the claim immediately, or consult a lawyer and have them file a claim on your behalf.  Most lawyers in a slip and fall case will not take compensation unless you win, meaning there is no risk in contacting them.  Often times the slip and fall can be worked into workers compensation settlements claims getting you more money.

What compensation am I eligible for?  If the accident caused a serious enough injury that it prevented you from working, or you had to get medical aide or you are now unable to work at your profession in the future, you will be able to claim damages for: Medical Bills, Wage Loss, Pain and Suffering, Potential Future Medical Expenses and more.  It really comes down to making restitution for what was taken away from you as a result of the accident.  An accident claim lawyer will have special knowledge and experience with these particular types of claims.

What information with the insurance adjuster be looking for?  The information surrounding the claim, was it your fault, was it negligence on the part of the employer.  The type and extent of the injury, so a basic medical work-up done by a recognized doctor and the subsequent official documents.  Why did the accident happen, where you not paying attention, were you on medication, are you fit to work in the first place?  DO NOT speak with the adjuster until you have already contacted a lawyer, as the lawyer will advise you better on your rights as the accident victim. Slip and fall settlement amounts will vary from state to state.

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  1. ejsmith says:

    while I found most of the information informative the lack of grammatical correctness was annoying. In short, I would not employ someone to represent me when they do not take the time to read their own verbiage and correct errors.

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