What Is The Average Workers Comp Settlement?

Based on the amount the doctor determines you will need in the future for medical care and whether or not you will actually get it the compromise and release of 10% will pay anywhere from the $4k range,  up to around $10k.    An example of what that would be like would be if the doctor prescribed you needing to receive future physical therapy for some sort of flare up in the muscle tissue that can’t be controlled with just aspirin.  On top of that if the doctor knew you would need to have a joint totally replaced later on the medical value would be much more.  If that is the case than you may not opt for the Compromise because you will not know what medical bills will be in 10 years.

Based on the circumstances a compromise and release in a workers compensation settlements case may not be feasible.  If you plan to continue working for the same employer and they continue to carry the same disability insurance that insurance company may not allow you to compromise.  This is due primarily because they are prohibited from buying the end of the case.  If you continue working there and are injured again they will have to pay out more medical expenses to you in a separate claim.

Does your settlement affect vocational rehab?

The law was changed and there is no longer such a thing as vocational rehabilitation.

If you had been awarded vocational rehab prior to 2004 your compromise and release will not affect the vocational rehab.  You are still eligible to receive both award types as long as you were awarded them under accurate representation.  There is though, one thing you need to keep in mind.  For so long as the case is considered open, meaning not fully settled or a stipulated award where you are still receiving payments, any injury that happens during vocational rehab will be eligible to compensational consequence for the injury at work.  What this means is that if you are participating in vocational rehab and something happens to you it is lumped in with the compensation awarded to you for the new accident settlement amount and both are considered to have happened ‘at work.’  Most companies, because this has happened a lot will require you to release them from such obligations before they agree to settle your case.

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